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I'm 21 yay ^^
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looks like people are already finding out my birthday is this saturday XD
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Pasteriine Featured By Owner 7 hours ago
I got completely clueless of what has been going on around here lately because of school mainly, so I gave myself the chance to read some of the comments posted below and also here in Tumblr too and... I don't know who's words should I trust in anymore. This is what lead me to leave a long comment here after what I would like to call a raging storm which fortunately seems to have stopped, somehow.

Okay, first of all I'm neither against Comickit, MadameMacabre and any of the supposed victims, nor against Snuffbomb. I can't completely believe both sides' words. During my last years of life I have met some really sickened people who seems to have shit for brain inside their heads (LOL) and are only looking for any possible kind of way of fucking with someone for stuff that doesn't worth it all and that's how very close people and myself too have got involved in really serious shit in which we have been pointed as the criminals. I won't deny we ALL have done stuff in our lives that if we all confess here right now, to the whole community, we will end up trying to BRUTALY kill each other for that stuff. Of course I'm not saying rape is acceptable, I think completely otherwise, however I haven't seen enough verificable information about the supposed committed assault so yeah, I refuse to believe it.

I'm glad Comickit have spoken against the acts those kind of "niños rata" xD (If you don't know what's a "niño rata" look it up on internet xDD) of sending death threats to Snuffbomb and his family. I know she already said it but in case some of you haven't understood it yet, that's just wrong! You aren't doing any better than the person you are pointing out as the monster here. It may sound selfish(?) or rude(?) maybe(?) but it has already been a month after what supposedly happened so calm your tits down already!

Now, if you want to add a replay to my comment agreeing with me or disagreeing with me I'm perfectly okay about it but please, avoid being a "niño rata" (I'm still laughing about this xD) and post your point or points of view in support or against my opinion. Thanks to anyone who gave themselves the chance to read this :3
Bill Cipher icon (free to use) 
Akogara Featured By Owner 6 hours ago
I haven't posted my 2 cents here yet but I am gonna say I don't neither confirm nor deny that either side is right or wrong. I cant officially say this side is a monster while defend the other side. I am just going to say I have seen some things over the last little while that I looked over and some of it seems a little fake and some of it I don't know the whole story on.

to the people who are calling him a pedophile here is the evidence to debunk that whole claim. I watched all 2 hours and 53 minutes of his birthday stream and he was talking to a friend of his whim is 16. She made a ship name called SnuffBrina and I shit you not Snuffbomb said "Ship me with fictional characters, Sure, Not 16 year old girls." I mean who am I to say the minors he apparently sent nudes to arnt making it up and finding photos on the internet and saving them. people will do just about anything to destroy a person if they really feel that hateful.

Also he made a new tumblr and I am not saying the name of the link because I don't want people sending their death threats and shit to him on that new link so I'll just say this. I was reading through the new Tumblr he made and Steve had made a post saying that he don't doubt for a second that he did hurt someone innocent and if he has he said he was taking a break from Tumblr and other social media sites to collect his thoughts and grow as a person.

people if you are gonna paint a picture of a monster on someone make sure you get fucking facts and not just jump on a bandwagon just because other people are doing it. people think he cant or wont change here is the thing he is 21 and young, it's not something that will justify his mistakes but Steve still has a lot to learn and he will grow as a person over time. None of us are perfect so quit shitting on someone else and look on the mirror and see that we all have flaws!
Pasteriine Featured By Owner 4 hours ago
For me is good to know he's okay... somehow. Thanks for letting me know more about his situation lately :3 I really wanted to contact him after finding out and investigating a bit about all this but first of all and most important I didn't know how considering he kind of "disappeared" from almost all his social networks' profiles, second I didn't want him to think I was just another hater with... desires of rating him even more than a lot of people did already and third, I'm just a poor little shy thing who still has issues for talking with someone she likes and/or admires x'D Especially through programs like Skype, for example, because I just can't keep myself speaking fluently or in the worst of the cases I can randomly start speaking in my native language without even noticing it at the very moment D: That's why I decided to keep myself just as a lurker but after a month I came to the conclusion that it was time to express my thoughts.
Avenged-Wombat Featured By Owner 14 hours ago  Hobbyist General Artist
I haven't been completely caught up with what happened--- is this still going on, is it as rabid and violent as it was in the beginning-- and what happened with Snuff?
 Did he get arrested-- or is he...?
Avenged-Wombat Featured By Owner 14 hours ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Actually-- it's been like over a month (1 month and a few days), since this has happened, and it disappoints me that people continue to act like rocks and realize they're wasting their own time on. .__.

 I jumped out of this a little while, I really didn't hate on him at all XD
I stuck to my gut which said not to hate against him-- so yeah.
 I'm sort of neutral with this xD
CyrixOkami Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
PEOPLE STOP GIVING SNUFF SHIT!!! He doesn't deserve it and if you have a problem then get both sides of the story first before taking it out on Snuff only... It might be the other person's fault instead of Snuff's so knock it off k. Most of us would like to see Snuff come back even if you people who are pissed at him don't well too fucking bad it's a free country...

-Bleeding Rosalyn has spoken
9Anti-You6 Featured By Owner 1 day ago
I would listen to his side if he actually came out and said something... He's acting extremely suspicious. If he were innocent, I'm pretty sure he would have at least said *something*. If he does eventually give his side of the story, I'll be all ears.
Avenged-Wombat Featured By Owner 14 hours ago  Hobbyist General Artist
If you really think about it though, he has better things to do than stare at a computer and confess to others that what people say is true, isn't true.
 If he knows it's not true, then it isn't. He doesn't have to waste his time telling everyone it isn't, only to get called out and have the truth claimed as lies.

 I know I wouldn't have time for that.
I mean, he probably saw how rabid these people were at the beginning, which was like 3.

 and he's aware that he shouldn't waste his time spilling the truth if people are gonna call that truth nothing but a lie.

9Anti-You6 Featured By Owner 14 hours ago
Still, we deserve at least some sort of explanation...
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CyrixOkami Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist General Artist
As will I I don't like to see anyone be hated on I'm usual taking the hate for others since I'm never really bothered by hate
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